Mountain View Painting


How We Helped


We gave JDP Painting a site using Drupal 7 that allows them to login, edit pages, and manage content at any time.  Each time they do a new painting job, the site's admins can upload photos to the website and they're automatically added to the projects page.  The site's Home page automatically pulls 4 random photos from the Project page and puts them right at the top so the page is different for each visit!  The site also has a simple webform that sends an email each time a job is reuested.


Site's Goal for Conversions


For this website, we aimed to create a site that would let users quickly dive into the work that JDP Painting has done and then direct them to a simple way to contact the owner.  Some of the jobs the've done are really great and we figured the best way to convert potential people into customers is to show them what JDP is capable of.


About JDP Painting


JDP Painting of Rochester, New York, specializes in painting services using Benjamin Moore™ products. We offer all types of interior painting including walls, ceilings, trim, windows, doors, crown and decorative moulding, as well as floors and paneling. We provide wallpaper removal, and repairs of existing drywall from both water and physical damage. Choosing Jesse, of JDP Painting to complete work in your home is a much better experience than a company who estimates the job and sends employees.