Liquori FIt


How We Helped LiquoriFit


We were contacted by Liquori Fit to create an amazing website to be a central point for showcasing everything they do.  If you need a great personal trainer, no matter where in the world, Liquori Fit is your answer.  Matt, the owner of Liquori Fit, has transformed himself to be ready for competition in the bodybuilding world in a very short amount  of time.  Our goal was to create a site that shows what Liquori Fit is capable of, provide a space to take in payments for training programs, and be a link to all of the social media outlets that Liquori Fit is active in.  Matt provided us with some photos, a little bit of text, and a rough idea of what he wanted.  We took that and made what you see before you.  I guess CUSTOM 100 is sort of a personal trainer for websites.  We take websites and whip them into shape!  Thanks again to Liquori Fit!