The Gideon Protocol


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About The Gideon Protocol


The Gideon Protocol is "A post-apocalyptic adventure novel that delivers an adolescent monster mash" - Kircus Reviews.

Thirteen year-old Gideon Wells wants to escape the Off World mining colony and return to Earth before he is captured by a scientist who needs his DNA to perfect her army of bio-engineered monsters. When Gideon has his chance to escape, he's forced to choose between saving the life of a fourteen year-old girl or returning to Earth...

The author, L.C. Hanson, lives in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife, two daughters, and Labrador Retriever.  He has worked as a regulatory lawyer specializing in U.S. export control law and is an avid martial artist.  He loves  Science Fiction thrillers, Westerns and martial arts. What happens when you combine all three?  You get The Gideon Protocol!