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We we contacted by Cooley Creative, LLC to build a new type of website.  Chris of Cooley Creative, LLC wanted to create a unique experience for visitors to the website.  To achieve this, we worked together to create a select list that has all the common questions most site visitors would ask.  The idea was to give people exactly what they're looking for right away.  We love that idea!  That's a concept we stress to all of our website clients.  We also did some custom jQuery work on the user interface to make the "results" page function correctly (the page after you submit the form on the home page) and to make fun little things happen.  Thanks to Cooley Creative, LLC for creating the overall design of the site.  We had fun putting this one together!

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I’m a business-focused artist who’s been accompanying entrepreneurs and other idea people through the branding process for over 10 years. It’s my job to guide you — one-on-one — on the journey from concept to concrete assets. I’ve created a new way for you to experience graphic design and branding. It maximizes technology, and it leverages your passion and insight. I honor your role in developing your visual brand by bringing you into the collaborative design process. This technique is efficient, involved, and educational.