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The Child Care Program of Excellence needed a site that could populate a member database, create a way for parents to quickly find a CCPE certified child care center, and become the home for all things related to the program.

To tackle these problems, we thought it would be best to start with the members.  After all, these people are the back bone for CCPE.  There needed to be a way to distinguish the 2 levels of membership.  A simple color element was determined to be the best way to handle this.

  was chosen for the Featured Membership

  was chosen for the Standard Membership



Clicking on a members takes you to their "profile page" where they can list their contact info, services, bio, photos and more.


Once they're in the CCPE member database, they're then added to the interactive map on the search page.  Clicking on a beacon opens up the logo for that child care center.  Then, if you click the logo, it will take you to that member's profile page.




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About The Child Care Program of Excellence


Julie's Vision


"Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way."  Booker T. Washington

Look around your community and you'll probably notice there are lots of child care programs to enroll your children in.  Child Care is a very common thing.  Parents typically have a lot of options!  The more uncommon thing is a child care program whose owner is committed to EXCELLENCE.  After working in the child care industry for over 17 years, Julie Bartkus is on fire with a strong commitment to help child care owners achieve excellence in their child care programs while standing out as THE child care program of choice in their communities.

When you pull back the curtains and look inside of a Child Care Program of Excellence, you'll feel the difference.  You'll meet owners who are on-fire with a BIG vision for educating and inspiring the future.  That's the end result.  Our members know that attention to detail is what makes the end result achievable.  

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Thanks to Cooley Creative, LLC


A special thanks to Cooley Creative for designing the home page of this site and creating CCPE's awesome brand!

Cooley Creative, LLC